How to Nail Animation Voiceover!

As a female voiceover actor, I had the good “fortune” to play “Matilda", a pink fuzzball, in the award-winning video game Leos Fortune.  😉 Nowadays, 99% of voice over auditions for animation are self-directed and to that end, one of my best “acting tips” for voiceover...

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Mindfulness Tips for Voiceover Artists!

🗣To Give Great Voice in the booth, you have to move your bootie! 😉 🎙As a female voiceover artist, I spend a lot of time in my voiceover booth. ☀️ Fortunately, I have a window that brings in natural light and allows me to feel like I’m not “boxed” in. As a voiceover...

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Voiceover Tips for Mastering Commercial Reads

🎙I have had many gigs as a female voice over artist and I always want to make sure to use the perfect tone when in session. To do so, whenever I read copy for a commercial spot, such as this one for Udemy Business, or any other other voice over gig, I always ask...

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Hallmark Drama Promo for When Calls the Heart

🗣Sharing my voice over process of how I #GiveGreatVoice to different promos as a female voice over artist. ❣️For this Hallmark drama channel promo for the popular show When Calls the Heart, my producer, Marty Bkye, wanted a warm romantic and inspirational tone to...

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Spreading Love

🎹 What the world needs now is sweet love.❤️ 🗣As a female voiceover artist, one of my favorite ways to Give Great Love is to #GiveGreatVoice. In an age of texting, the power of voice is that much more important. One way you can use your voice and practice...

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