Using Your Imagination to Enhance Your Voiceover!

The modern voiceover read is opening up opportunities for diversity in a previously male dominated industry. As a female voiceover artist, I was delighted to have the opportunity to Give Great Voice to this very clever Geico tv spot that normally, in the past, be read by a male voiceover artist.

Geico creates some of the most creative and witty commercials and it was a thrill to voice this one.

This voiceover read was fun and challenging because it walked the fine line of “less is more.” They wanted the narrator to be serious, flat and “not in on the joke” to juxtapose the humor of the scenes. For vocal tone, they referenced the move “The Royal Tanabounds” that was dryly read by Alec Baldwin. That was a great help in understanding the tone they wanted. In addition, they gave the descriptions of what was going on in the spot, so, as a voiceover artist, I had to use my imagination to visualize the scenes.

It’s always gratifying to see the commercial after all the elements come together and create a memorable tv commercial.

Give Great Voice tip:

💭Use your imagination whenever you can to enhance your performance, tone and intention. As a voiceover actor, it’s key to remember the tools of an actor to enhance our reads and give a nuanced performance.

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