EMMY-Winning Voiceover Artist,
TEDx Speaker

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Meet Tasia Valenza, EMMY-Winning Voiceover Artist, Master Storyteller, TEDx Speaker and top female VoiceOver artist.

Her passion is to Give Great Voice and take your words off the page to tell your story in a way that moves and impacts your audience!

She’s a diverse EMMY nominated actress and EMMY award winning voice over artist who understands the power of persuasion and connecting to the audience with empathy and authenticity.

From Trustworthy and Professional, to Conversational, Warm and Inviting, her voice demonstrates a range of versatility.

See Tasia in Action

Click below for video and audio demos showcasing Tasia’s acting background
as well as the animated projects featuring her versatile voice.


Tasia is very effective at guiding her students to using the strengths within their personality to enhance their performance in their reads. I wholeheartedly recommend Tasia to anyone looking for a unique and effective professional to help them take their voice acting/public speaking skills to the next level!

Voiceover Student

It was so awesome to be in your class, Tasia. It was so much fun and I learned a lot from you! If anyone is serious about improving as a VO Artist, you have to take class with Tasia!

Mazin Zien
Voiceover Student

Throughout my career I’ve had many opportunities to work with voice over artists and without a doubt Tasia is simply the best I’ve ever worked with. Her ability to create story, meaning and character out of the simple words on the page is absolutely astounding. Many voice over artists have tremendous voices but lack the ability to hear and translate the producers direction into what we’re looking for. Tasia, on the other hand, is incredibly adept at listening to direction and providing a read that is more than perfect – it’s inspired. Her voice sparkles with power, emotion and feeling and it resonates with our audience in a truly authentic way. Tasia will always be our first call to give great voice to our projects.

John Conn
Stage 2 Studios, 7 Time Emmy Award Winner

You can hear how great Tasia sounds… what you can’t hear is how great she is to work with! She’s the best, I call her for everything.

Alan Burns
President / CEO Burns Radio

“Tasia is an amazing VO teacher! I felt so supported and encouraged throughout her class, which made me feel comfortable to completely be myself and have no inhibitions while performing. She has so much wisdom to impart, and I found myself constantly taking notes because there were so many helpful tips to write down even when I wasn’t the one performing. I highly recommend working with her if you’re looking to improve you voice acting craft!”

Abby Espiritu
Voiceover Student

Love working with Tasia, because she’s such a pro!

Chuck Knight
B101 Philadelphia

Tasia is great to work with… an experienced pro who’s always friendly!

Jay Kruz
Rewind 94.9 Cincinnati

This lovely lady just killed a few pages of new and improved positioning and imaging for my radio station.

Barry James
Rewind 100.3 Chicago

My first coaching session with Tasia was life changing.  It helped me shift my mindset through my thoughts and words. My biggest take away was understanding that my tone and intention really determines my outcome. My session was educational and therapeutic at the same time!!

Kristen Nunez

“Tasia is a wonderful human being. I loved working with her for my project. She made sure that I was completely satisfied with the recordings. I was also happy with the improvisations she suggested to make the script even better. It is truly effortless and a pleasure to work with her, I highly recommend her.”

Dr. Batul Patel
“Thank you for such a wonderful experience this past weekend.  I really enjoyed your Off the Page! class offered through Voicetrax.
I learned so much from you in this class.  The best takeaway was that the roles in my life will help me bring authenticity to the roles that I will play in my voiceover work.  This will help me improve my acting skills.  It was such an aha moment when you told me that I could use my “swimmer role” if I was playing a part in a Nike commercial for running.  It made so much sense after you said it!  I also will remind myself that tone is very important when saying the words in a read and that my intention will take the words off the page.
I appreciated your positive attitude and how you encouraged everyone.  It helped me with my confidence.  Even as an adult it is important to be reminded that we are enough and that we are magnificent beings just as we are!  
I had stopped my habit of regular meditation.  Thank you for sharing the information about the Haven Meditation app.  I have been listening to one session per day and am really enjoying it.  I feel rejuvenated after listening.
Thank you again!  I hope that I will have another opportunity in the future to take another class and continue learning from you.”
Trish Healey
Voiceover Student

“Coaching with Tasia goes far beyond learning the fundamentals of artfully applying your voice and expanding your presence. She has a delightful way of bringing enlightenment and encouragement to every aspect of your life! The experience of working with Tasia was amazingly educational, valuable, fun and beyond my expectations! I am so grateful to have met her!”

Amy Masinelli Aeilts

As an educator for more than two decades, I know if a teacher has what it takes to
reach me in about the first 10 minutes. My standards of excellence for education
could not be higher. I knew Tasia Valenza would be an important part of my
education and development as a voiceover artist as both a teacher and mentor to
me in the first 60 seconds in her presence.
Tasia has such a mix of incredible wonderful attributes, the tip of the iceberg of
which I will rattle off for you in no particular order: she is deep, warm,
encouraging, no-nonsense, versatile, flexible, clear, erudite and (though the list
could go on), perhaps the most important: she knows how to reach each
individual student and how to help them get to their personal next level. That’s
She’s forgotten more than some people know about voiceover and, as a VO artist,
of course she speaks to me (literally and figuratively) on many levels. But what’s
great about the perspective from which Tasia teaches, her tutelage is useful for
folks struggling to find their voice in any aspect of life: looking to communicate
better in relationships, in the workplace, in a sales scenario, etc.? Tasia will have
concrete actionable techniques for you in your very first session.
There’s a reason Tasia’s core teaching orbits around the notion to “give great
voice.” In not a single encounter I’ve had with Tasia has she given anything less
than GREAT. And I thank her for the ways in which she’s illuminated and allowed
me to tap into my own greatness. I could not more highly recommend a

Tom Antonellis
Voiceover Artist/Dialect Coach

Thanks so much for last nights course. I really enjoyed that. You set up a really good group of supportive people with diverse experience levels. The intros for each of us were well worth it because it built up a nice layer of trust and ease. I’ve done a few other live auditions/coaching and there wasn’t the same level of trust/ease so it was that much tougher. And your personal coaching for me was awesome!

Rich Patterson
Voiceover Artist

“It was such a privilege to work with Tasia! Her process for owning and Giving Great Voice reinforced my confidence  and provided great insight and perspectives to grow not only as a VoiceOver Artist, but an overall person.”

Vincent Williams

Tasia has always been one of my favorite voice actors, even before I coached with her! Tasia truly knows how to connect with her
students on a personal level, and her empathy is off the charts. She encourages you to find the roles that you play in your everyday
life and how to bring those characters to your reads. You’ll feel more inspired to reach new heights and feel like a truly multifaceted
actor after each coaching session. She’s an incredible teacher (and a friend) and I cannot recommend her enough.

Bonnie Marie Williams
Voiceover Superhero, Actress