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Tasia Valenza is an Emmy Nominated Actress and one of the top female voiceover talents for the past 20 years.

Tasia is known for her range and versatility. In addition to voicing commercials, narration, promos, imaging, and political spots, Tasia is best known for voicing some of the most iconic female characters in video games and animated television shows, such as as the seductress Poison Ivy in the Batman: Arkham Series, and Sniper Wolf in the fan favorite Metal Gear Solid games, as well as many other acclaimed credits.


Tasia's playful, fun energy, combined with her years of voiceover and acting experience, as well as her collaborative spirit, make her a triple threat! Her voice can be described as conversational, warm, upbeat, and sexy! Tasia also offers coaching and co-owns the Haven meditation app, believing wholeheartedly in the power of voice. Read More . . .

Video Demos

Video is the new audio! Click below for video and audio demos showcasing Tasia’s acting background as well as the animated projects featuring her versatile voice. Enjoy!

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