How to Nail Animation Voiceover!

As a female voiceover actor, I had the good “fortune” to play “Matilda”, a pink fuzzball, in the award-winning video game Leos Fortune.  😉

Nowadays, 99% of voice over auditions for animation are self-directed and to that end, one of my best “acting tips” for voiceover artists, that has helped me to perform in the scenes and feel my emotions more authentically, is to “play” BOTH parts when in the voiceover booth. 🗣It helps to feel like I’m in the scene and reacting to the words the other character says.

Give Great Voice Tip:

✅When practicing a pitch, your podcast intro, or a speech, think about your intention and then say your words aloud before you record. 

✅Picture a person who you feel totally comfortable with and with whom you’re your most authentic self.

✅ Visualize them responding to you in the way you would want them to. Think of your intention and how you want to Give Great Voice for your success and theirs.

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