Be The Superman of Your Voiceover

Who knew that Superman and Wonderwoman were “power posing” this whole time?😉

As a VoiceOver artist, whenever I play a strong superhero or victorious villain, I take up space, expand my posture and physicalize my presence which informs how I give great voice to confidently channel the character and rock my Voiceover role.🕺

🤓The science behind the “power” of these poses was made famous by Amy Cuddy from her TEDtalk where she shares how holding the “Superman/Wonderwoman” pose, as well as the “Victory” pose for two minutes, releases the power hormone testosterone and lowers the stress hormone cortisol. Is that not the coolest brain hack?!

How YOU can use the “Power Pose” and Give Great Voice to rock your voiceover roles:

✅Stand in the #Superman or #WonderWoman pose in front of the mirror, in the Voiceover booth or wherever you have privacy.⠀

✅Hold this pose for two minutes feel your confidence flow!⠀

✅While keeping this pose, channel your inner superhero and say three positive “I am” affirmations loud and proud with conviction and intention. ⠀

✅Think about the character you’re playing. If your character is small, you can have a closed body. If your character is large and powerful, stand with an open and wide body. When recording VoiceOver, rather than sit in a chair, use your body to physicalize your voice as it will bring your character to life.

Doesn’t that feel amazing?!⠀

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