The Voiceover Highlighter Hack

This seemingly insignificant highlighter 🖊has been my secret weapon for giving great voice as as an actor, voiceover artist and speaker. Especially when I am in the voiceover booth, It efficiently helps my eye discern the words that I need to focus on and “download” quickly. 👀

The bright yellow color tells my brain 🧠 these words are important and I start making sense of them. In the booth, as I speak them aloud, over and over again, I’m able to either memorize and understand their essence when I’m doing voiceover. 🗣

Of course nowadays using digital highlighters for computer works as well. 💻 As a VoiceOver artist, it also helps to use alternate colored ones to “highlight” different directions and the copy itself which is important for context.

My favorite color happens to be a nice lemon yellow, but in a pinch, I will use pink! 😂

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