Tasia Valenza

The Voiceover Pillow Fort!

Tip Tuesday! 💭Remember building a pillow fort when you were young? Well this is a version of pillow fort for VoiceOver artists. 🗣Last week I shared how I Give Great Voice in closets when I’m traveling. There are many times when a closet it is not available or...

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How to do VO on the Go!

Tip Tuesday Do you know how to VO on the go? Nowadays, it’s not nearly as strange to share with people that, as a VoiceOver artist, I “work” in a closet😉, and as a matter a fact, MANY closets depending on where I’m traveling. As a voiceover artist, I used to travel...

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My Most Popular Animation Voiceover

As a Voiceover Artist, it is always interesting to see which spots get the most attention. Do you know my most popular VoiceOver animation character on youtube…probably not LOL! Lady Liberty with a New York Twist…“Hey birdie…don’t even think about it." When I recorded...

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The Voiceover Highlighter Hack

This seemingly insignificant highlighter 🖊has been my secret weapon for giving great voice as as an actor, voiceover artist and speaker. Especially when I am in the voiceover booth, It efficiently helps my eye discern the words that I need to focus on and “download”...

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Be The Superman of Your Voiceover

Who knew that Superman and Wonderwoman were “power posing” this whole time?😉 As a VoiceOver artist, whenever I play a strong superhero or victorious villain, I take up space, expand my posture and physicalize my presence which informs how I give great voice to...

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