The Voiceover Pillow Fort!

Tip Tuesday!

💭Remember building a pillow fort when you were young? Well this is a version of pillow fort for VoiceOver artists.

🗣Last week I shared how I Give Great Voice in closets when I’m traveling. There are many times when a closet it is not available or suitable, so in that case, I end up building a pillow fort as you can see in the video.

The idea is to muffle your sound and deaden the room and pillows are a great way to do that. You can always add some extra towels or blankets as well to create a quiet space.

After that, all you need is very simple VoiceOver “rig” consisting of:

🎤A great microphone (mine is a #SennheiserMKH416)

💻A laptop with and a high quality interface (mine is a MacBook Pro)

💾A great interface. (mine is the Audient ID4)

📳 A good wifi connection

👕And a homemade pillow fort of which you can vary.

With these things, you can do 🎧professional Voiceover sessions, podcasting and more while traveling the world.🌎

Check out my pillow fort!

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