How to do VO on the Go!

Tip Tuesday

Do you know how to VO on the go?

Nowadays, it’s not nearly as strange to share with people that, as a VoiceOver artist, I “work” in a closet😉, and as a matter a fact, MANY closets depending on where I’m traveling.

As a voiceover artist, I used to travel very little because in order to be available to my clients and provide high quality sound, I had to recored from my professional studio with some very tech-heavy equipment. In the biz, we called it “the golden handcuffs.”

But now, technology has “unshackled” all of us who Give Great Voice as voiceover artists, podcasters and more, to be digital nomads.

All you need is very simple vo “rig” consisting of:

🎤A great microphone (mine is a #SennheiserMKH416) 

💻A laptop with and a high quality interface (mine is a MacBook Pro the #apogeedigital1)

📳 A good wifi connection 

👕And a well insulated closet

With these things, you can do 🎧professional Voiceover sessions, podcasting and more while traveling the world.🌎

Check out the video below for more tips and tricks!

How to do VO on the Go!

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