Voiceover Tips for Mastering Commercial Reads

🎙I have had many gigs as a female voice over artist and I always want to make sure to use the perfect tone when in session. To do so, whenever I read copy for a commercial spot, such as this one for Udemy Business, or any other other voice over gig, I always ask myself these four Give Great Voice questions:

1) Who am I (what role am I playing)?

2) Who am I speaking to (what’s the relationship)?

3) What do I want (what emotion do I want to inspire)?

4) How does my tone support that intention (What do I want them to feel as well as think)?

🗣As a voice over artist, this really helps me take words off the page and personalize them so they feel more believable.

🌟If you are a voice over actor looking to push yourself to success, use these give great voice questions during your next audition or voiceover session.

Love to hear your feedback of how these Give Great Voice questions are helping you master your craft. Feel free to follow me on social and DM me! If you’d like to work with me to elevate your brand, you can email me at [email protected].