Robert Jonathan

I took an animation and video games workshop hosted by Tasia Valenza, courtesy of Trailer Voice Artists. The workshop was incredibly informative and fun, plus we all got an opportunity to perform and receive live feedback! I look forward to applying what I learned and...

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Bonnie Marie Williams

Tasia has always been one of my favorite voice actors, even before I coached with her! Tasia truly knows how to connect with her students on a personal level, and her empathy is off the charts. She encourages you to find the roles that you play in your everyday life...

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Vincent Williams

"It was such a privilege to work with Tasia! Her process for owning and Giving Great Voice reinforced my confidence  and provided great insight and perspectives to grow not only as a VoiceOver Artist, but an overall person."

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Rich Patterson

Thanks so much for last nights course. I really enjoyed that. You set up a really good group of supportive people with diverse experience levels. The intros for each of us were well worth it because it built up a nice layer of trust and ease. I've done a few other...

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Tom Antonellis

As an educator for more than two decades, I know if a teacher has what it takes to reach me in about the first 10 minutes. My standards of excellence for education could not be higher. I knew Tasia Valenza would be an important part of my education and development as a...

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Amy Masinelli Aeilts

“Coaching with Tasia goes far beyond learning the fundamentals of artfully applying your voice and expanding your presence. She has a delightful way of bringing enlightenment and encouragement to every aspect of your life! The experience of working with Tasia was...

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