Tom Antonellis

As an educator for more than two decades, I know if a teacher has what it takes to
reach me in about the first 10 minutes. My standards of excellence for education
could not be higher. I knew Tasia Valenza would be an important part of my
education and development as a voiceover artist as both a teacher and mentor to
me in the first 60 seconds in her presence.
Tasia has such a mix of incredible wonderful attributes, the tip of the iceberg of
which I will rattle off for you in no particular order: she is deep, warm,
encouraging, no-nonsense, versatile, flexible, clear, erudite and (though the list
could go on), perhaps the most important: she knows how to reach each
individual student and how to help them get to their personal next level. That’s
She’s forgotten more than some people know about voiceover and, as a VO artist,
of course she speaks to me (literally and figuratively) on many levels. But what’s
great about the perspective from which Tasia teaches, her tutelage is useful for
folks struggling to find their voice in any aspect of life: looking to communicate
better in relationships, in the workplace, in a sales scenario, etc.? Tasia will have
concrete actionable techniques for you in your very first session.
There’s a reason Tasia’s core teaching orbits around the notion to “give great
voice.” In not a single encounter I’ve had with Tasia has she given anything less
than GREAT. And I thank her for the ways in which she’s illuminated and allowed
me to tap into my own greatness. I could not more highly recommend a