I would love to invite you to give the gift of your voice and join the


The #GivingGreatVoiceChallenge is a kindness campaign in the spirit of giving. There is no more beautiful gift we can give than to share our beautiful voices and touch someone we care about. It’s a simple credo: Connect and Converse – instead of using a text, a tweet, an emoji or any of the digital ways to converse, it’s a “call” to action! Use your most powerful communication tool: your voice! To speak your truth, to lift another human being, to share a memory of how you were touched by receiving great voice, and then to share your #GivingGreatVoice experience with the world.

The challenge is simple:

  1. It can be any experience of #GivingGreatVoice that you’re inspired to share (you can see examples below), OR it can be as simple as making a phone call to someone you care about that you know would want to hear your voice. 
  2. Make a 1-minute, or less, video about the experience
  3. Share on Instagram or Facebook, invite three friends to join and tag them in your post, include #GivingGreatVoiceChallenge, tag me, @TasiaValenza, so I can repost, and we can spread the love!


It’s easy, it’s free, you won’t get a bucket of ice dumped on you ???? and you’ll deepen connections with the people you care about, and inspire others to do so, too.


Check out some of the #GivingGreatVoiceChallenge participants!