30-Day Online Give Great Voice Challenge
Join my 30 Day Give Great Voice Challenge
Starting January 11th!

Are you ready to start speaking more confidently and powerfully in all areas of your life?

The 30-Day Give Great Voice Challenge is a revolutionary way to bring the principles of confident verbal communication into practice.

My one-of-a-kind, Virtual 30-Day Give Great Voice Challenge will provide you with:

  • A powerful way to build your confident verbal communication skills using my easy and proven methods.
  • An online community of like-minded people who are all looking to develop themselves alongside you.
  • My personal encouragement and participation. I will be on this journey with you supporting you with lessons and check-ins!
  • FUN! You will be connecting with others, gaining points on completed actions and could even win some pretty cool prizes, like a private coaching session!

All of this in just minutes a day!

This special program will be $299 for the next one, but for this initial pilot launch I’m making it only $99, to make it affordable and gain your valuable feedback.

After completing my 30 day Give Great Voice challenge you will feel more confident from the inside out and have powerful new persuasive tools that will support your professional and personal roles to achieve your goals.

Sign up now to secure your spot!

What Clients are Saying

“Working with Tasia is one of the best things I’ve ever done! If I hadn’t worked with Tasia, I don’t think I would have ever found the confidence I needed in order to take my per-formances as a voice actor to the next level. Her passion to find what each individual needs in order to grow, regardless of what line of work they are in, is truly incredible. If you’re thinking of working with Tasia don’t waste any more time. Do it! I guarantee you won’t regret it.”

– Joseph Stillwagon

“There are so many wonderful words I could say about Tasia. However, none of them will tell you more about Tasia than the word LOVE. In just a few sessions so far, Tasia has helped me to dive in deep and dug out the emotions and feelings that I could use to speak beautifully with an open chest, proud of who I am. That is the kind of openness you want to have with your coach. You want to feel unstoppable and powerful. That is what Tasia gifted me. She has helped me to remember who I am and can be represent-ing through my voice. What and how I feel can change and completely shape the direc-tion for where I want the conversation to go. If you want magic, choose Tasia. Trust her and play with her as the client!”

– Veronica Zaytseva

“My first coaching session with Tasia was life changing. It helped me shift my mindset through my thoughts and words. My biggest take away was understanding that my tone and intention really determines my outcome. My session was educational and theraputic at the same time!”

– Kristen Nunez

“I feel so good coming out of a session with Tasia and I take that energy with me in my daily life as well, improving my relationships with my kids, husband and co-workers. I was in a bit of a lull before working with Tasia, not booking any jobs and feeling ‘not cut out for this’ on some days. But since working with her I have ignited a confidence I haven’t had since I was a kid and have booked 2 jobs after just a few sessions with her. Thank you Tasia for being so giving with your positive and affirming energy, I love working with you!“

– Jenna Louie Lohouse