How to Handle Dropping the Mic

Tip Tuesday ☝️One of the things that I’ve learned to do as a voiceover Pro is understanding that it’s okay if I make a mistake - I just stop, have a sense of humor about it and start again. It's appreciated by a good editor. If you make a mistake, take it lightly,...

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Express Your Creativity

Monday Motivation! 🗣How do you express your creativity and Give Great Voice? As a VoiceOver artist, I always want to infuse my reads with warmth and authenticity. One of my favorite ways to inspire myself is to sing just for fun…in and out of the shower LOL! 🤣 🎥I love...

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Should Voiceover Artists Wear Headsets?

Watch my Tip Tuesday here! Voiceover Tip Tuesday! Nowadays, all the voiceover descriptions I’ve been auditioning and booking are asking for authentic, conversational and real, like you’re speaking to a good friend. “Tell me, don’t sell me.” 👯‍♀️ And one of the best...

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The Voiceover Pillow Fort!

Tip Tuesday! 💭Remember building a pillow fort when you were young? Well this is a version of pillow fort for VoiceOver artists. 🗣Last week I shared how I Give Great Voice in closets when I’m traveling. There are many times when a closet it is not available or...

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How to do VO on the Go!

Tip Tuesday Do you know how to VO on the go? Nowadays, it’s not nearly as strange to share with people that, as a VoiceOver artist, I “work” in a closet😉, and as a matter a fact, MANY closets depending on where I’m traveling. As a voiceover artist, I used to travel...

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My Most Popular Animation Voiceover

As a Voiceover Artist, it is always interesting to see which spots get the most attention. Do you know my most popular VoiceOver animation character on youtube…probably not LOL! Lady Liberty with a New York Twist…“Hey birdie…don’t even think about it." When I recorded...

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