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Voice over gigs “On the Go!”

I just got back from a wonderful family vacation for Thanksgiving. We traveled up the coast to charming towns like, Santa Barbara and Solvang, at tourist town known for it's Danish heritage. Being a female Voice artist, I'm always a little nervous about traveling, due...

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“Putting your Best Voice Forward!”

Audio version for your listening pleasure!   I’ve been an actress and a voiceover actor for over thirty years now (yikes!) and I have loved using my voice for all of my roles.From playing a Vulcan on Star Trek to being a Jedi Warrior on Star Wars: The CloneWars,...

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My New Sizzle Reel!

"In my world" meaning being a female voiceover artist, I have always made audio demos such as commercial, promo, animation etc.. As a recovering actress I long ago hung up my " Acting Reel" and just focused on my voice. I would get commercials and only get the audio...

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An Attitude of Gratitude!

I always tell my children when they complain about what they don't have or how it's not fair that one of them didn't get the what the other one has, or what one of their friends have etc,, that to have an "Attitude of Gratitude!" will help them to remember what they...

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