An Attitude of Gratitude!

I always tell my children when they complain about what they don’t have or how it’s not fair that one of them didn’t get the what the other one has, or what one of their friends have etc,, that to have an “Attitude of Gratitude!” will help them to remember what they do have, and how blessed they are.

As a female voiceover artist in an ever more competitive field, I too have to remind myself of the same thing when I see a commercial, I “should have” gotten, or hear a radio spot and think,” I didn’t even audition for that”, or the worst,  see the commercial that I recorded, and  finally  made it on the air, except..I’m not the voiceover artist on their anymore..ouch!

It is then, I too have to have an “Attitude of Gratitude!” and appreciate all the wonderful jobs, I have had, continue to have and will have in the future. I have had a long and wonderful career  spanning twenty years working with amazing people, and companies all over the world.  I have  had career ups and downs, and I’ve had to continue to grow and change with it, to stay relevant and current. I cannot rest on my laurels or blame the industry changing, or the read changing, because that will only give me excuses, and not  help me keep achieving my goals.
So I have kept my eye on the prize and I  have stayed positive, taken responsibility and continued to hone my craft.
My energy is with me everywhere I go, including my read, and I want it to always carry a sound, that is authentic,and full of appreciation. You can’t fake that.

So, if you want to be  a great artist, voiceover or otherwise, it’s really important to feel gratitude, be truthful,adjust and  keep  an” Attitude of Gratitude!

So, with that in mind on this week of  Thanks and Giving, I’m sharing a wonderful quote by Marcel Proust about appreciating the people in our lives.. and luckily for me, I have many wonderful ones, starting with my children!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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