My New Sizzle Reel!

“In my world” meaning being a female voiceover artist, I have always made audio demos such as commercial, promo, animation etc.. As a recovering actress I long ago hung up my ” Acting Reel” and just focused on my voice. I would get commercials and only get the audio tracks and then assemble them as a demo which are all on my site. But I just made my first “Sizzle Reel’ Which is a fancy way to say Video demo, highlighting a smattering of many of the different genres I work in.From commercials to promos, animated series, and video

games to a movie trailer I was interviewed for the BBC for, I get to show the range of my work visually. It’s a multi sensory experience that ironically has seemed to enhance the audio aspect of my work. As well as answering the age old question every voiceover artist hears which is “Was that you?” Hope you enjoy and love to have your comments!