My New Sizzle Reel!

“In my world” meaning being a female voiceover artist, I have always made audio demos such as commercial, promo, animation etc.. As a recovering actress I long ago hung up my ” Acting Reel” and just focused on my voice. I would get commercials and only get the audio tracks and then assemble them as […]

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An Attitude of Gratitude!

I always tell my children when they complain about what they don’t have or how it’s not fair that one of them didn’t get the what the other one has, or what one of their friends have etc,, that to have an “Attitude of Gratitude!” will help them to remember what they do have, and […]

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Following my Bliss!

Being a female voice over artist, it has to be the greatest job in the world.Every day I wake up and get to do what I’m passionate about, and I get paid for it. That’s amazing! I’ve always believed that as the saying goes “Follow your Bliss” and the money will come. So far so […]

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Saying Yes to life and to adventures!

I watched the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey, not that long ago and I was pleasantly surprised, not by how much I laughed,as much as I was moved by it’s message. It could be construed as just a light comedy, but for me I felt it had an inspirational message, which stayed with me […]

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I found my favorite quote on a cookie box.

The other day, I was in the grocery store shopping for Gluten-Free treats for my kids when I chanced upon “The Best chocolate chip cookies in the world” box. Intrigued, I perused the label, and next to the fine ingredients, I discovered my very favorite quote of all time on the side of the box. […]

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“In My World’ of voice over Movie Trailers

With Lake Bell’s film, “In A World” having great success, it’s started many a conversation about the voice-over industry. “All ears” are on the voices behind the movie trailers that we’re all so familiar with, that start out with the words, “In a world…” which the late Don La Fontaine made so famous. It’s great […]

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Kaliyo (Star Wars) Goes To Comic Con (and I’m going with her!)

The video game industry is big business. That means great opportunities for voice over actors. Recently I got to play the very cool companion character  Kaliyo in the video game,  Star Wars:The Old Republic., It’s a online Star Wars game with the story occurring thousands of years before the rise of Darth Vader when war […]

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Voice Over Marketing Goes International (part1)

The voice over game has changed, big time. We all know that. With the internet expanding as fast as clicking the send button, our voice over careers are in a constant state of flux and reinvention. The bad news is, voice over is more competitive than ever, thanks to the internet. The good news is […]

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BBC News – Women in Trailers

Tasia is featured in this BBC report on a small group of female voiceover artists who are starting to find work on trailers.

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The Actor/Agent Conversation

Click Here to LISTEN INSTEAD For Full Humorous Impact Click Here To Watch Video First My beloved agent recently sent me this video showing a parody of his worst nightmare when dealing with talent, and their “personal commitments.”  (Is that a hint Jeff?) You see, being a voice over artist is just like being doctor […]

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