Trish Healey
“Thank you for such a wonderful experience this past weekend.  I really enjoyed your Off the Page! class offered through Voicetrax.
I learned so much from you in this class.  The best takeaway was that the roles in my life will help me bring authenticity to the roles that I will play in my voiceover work.  This will help me improve my acting skills.  It was such an aha moment when you told me that I could use my “swimmer role” if I was playing a part in a Nike commercial for running.  It made so much sense after you said it!  I also will remind myself that tone is very important when saying the words in a read and that my intention will take the words off the page.
I appreciated your positive attitude and how you encouraged everyone.  It helped me with my confidence.  Even as an adult it is important to be reminded that we are enough and that we are magnificent beings just as we are!  
I had stopped my habit of regular meditation.  Thank you for sharing the information about the Haven Meditation app.  I have been listening to one session per day and am really enjoying it.  I feel rejuvenated after listening.
Thank you again!  I hope that I will have another opportunity in the future to take another class and continue learning from you.”