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Tasia Valenza is an Emmy Nominated actress who has found acclaim as a voice actress and is one of the top female voice-over artists in the county.
In the early part of her career, Tasia played the role of Dottie Thornton on All My Children from 1982 to 1986, earning a Daytime Emmy nomination for her work. She also showed up in a guest star appearances in many series in the 90s such as the Vulcan, T’Shanik in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Coming of Age”, and a recurring role as Lieutenant Winslow in Space: Above & Beyond. She also portrayed Jodie Abramovitz in Aaron Spelling’s drama series The Heights. Tasia is best known Iconic strong females in video games and animated television shows such as Poson Ivy in Batman: Arkham Asylum games as well as General Shaak Ti in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Kalyio Djannis in Star Wars the Old Republic and most recently Avra Darkos in Wild Star.

Tasia recently combined her love of her work and passion for wanting to help and inspire others to create a presentation titled “Putting Your Best Voice Forward.” Here is the link

Her presentation teaches students to empower their communication skills and find their unique voice. Tasia’s program is now available to college campuses across the country.

In the spirit of a true Jedi, Tasia also believes in the benefits of meditation and has created “Take Ten With Tasia”, which are ten minute guided meditation exercises to help bring mindfulness and relaxation to your body and soul.

Tasia has also lent her voice to various charities she believes in to help support their cause; including We Are The Mighty and SOS Children.

To find out more and Tasia’s Presentation “Giving Great Voice” and to bring her to your organization.
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