Voice Over Marketing Goes International (part1)

The voice over game has changed, big time. We all know that. With the internet expanding as fast as clicking the send button, our voice over careers are in a constant state of flux and reinvention.

The bad news is, voice over is more competitive than ever, thanks to the internet. The good news is voice over opportunities now go way beyond the borders of Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago zipping right across the globe and into cyberspace. Now, the world is your voice over oyster. Once again, the not-so-good-news is you have to sift through the mounds of sand to find that voice over treasure.

So, the big question is, How do you get found?

Lately I’ve been finding out.

It was 11pm. I was “closing up the closet” (i.e. my voice over office) when low and behold there was an email on my tasiavalenza.com website from Hamid in Dubai wanting to hire me for a voice over job!

This opened my voice over eyes to new possibilities–international possibilities. Then I got a call over the past weekend from a composer in Germany for yet another voice over job. I’m sure the fact that I was recently featured in a BBC interview about women and trailers must have helped.

Yes, the voice over game has changed. And I realize the key is to change with it. Who knows where the next email or international call will come from and what jobs are on the international horizon?

Stay tuned to find out what happens with my Dubai and Germany voice over jobs.

Tasia Tips:

1. Keep all your social media profiles up to date. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace. You never know who’s trying to find you for that next voice over job.

2. If you do get an international call for a voice over opportunity, make sure you vet it out. Do your research to make sure it’s legit.  Google their name, their URL. If it all checks out, go for it.

-Tasia Valenza

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