The Actor/Agent Conversation


For Full Humorous Impact Click Here To Watch Video First

My beloved agent recently sent me this video showing a parody of his worst nightmare when dealing with talent, and their “personal commitments.”  (Is that a hint Jeff?)

You see, being a voice over artist is just like being doctor (except for the saving people”s lives part and the 10 years of Med School) in that you”re on call 24/7… well more like 18/6, accounting for east coast time difference. And because voice over is usually the last piece of the pie for a project, (a commercial, a promo, a trailer etc.) it often needs to be done today, tomorrow…or sometimes…yesterday. So good communication between actor and agent is essential to a flourishing career.

I must admit over the course of my career I”ve had a few “high priority” excuses of my own when trying to change my audition/job time. Like, having to attend my daughter”s “Mommy and Me” class graduation (after all, I am the “Mommy”) and my son”s kindergarten field trip to the La Brea Tar Pits. (Hey, I was one of the drivers. I had to go!)

I”ve learned through many trials and tribulations over the years, if I want to take my precious Bijon to get him coiffed at the doggie salon or get myself a long, long online pokies australia overdue mani-pedi I book out!  (which means I”m not available during that time period). Because if I don”t,  Inevitably when I thought I was free, a voice over job would come through in the middle of my third toe being painted bubblegum pink.

As a matter of face, up until recently, I still kept my pager (a.k.a.bat phone) with me, until I was forced to join the new Millennium and trade in my stupid phone for a smart phone. I retired my faithful companion whose ding-a-ling would send me into a Pavlovian state of excitement. Knowing that that lovely little beep….beep…beep meant only one thing… Voice over work.

Thanks to my wonderful agents and assistants (and I mean it) they make it possible for me to be “soccer mom” and professional voice over artist. And I have learned to support them by giving them lots of notice. Oh, Gotta go now. Time to pick up the kids.

Today”s Tasia Tip: He who is available more often, wins the job. Be flexible and available. If you have to book out,( and who doesnt”) try to  give your agent advance notice. Watch the video again and again. Laugh and learn.

Till next time.. this is Tasia Valenza signing off ” from the Closet”

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