Recovering Actress Goes Into “The Closet” and Happily Stays There.

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I like to jokingly refer to myself as a “Recovering Actress.”  After 16 years of an on-screen career, I escaped mostly unscathed (except for being murdered 5 different ways. (refer to IMDB for more details) and found my way into “The Closet”… the place where I make money with my voice. You see my closet is my recording studio, and I am a voice over artist.

Many voice over artists have a designated studio, but being a slightly compulsive multi-tasker, I get great satisifaction from doing a “mean read” for a producer…and organizing my shoes between takes. Besides, the clothes themselves are great sound proofing, and much more aesthetically pleasing than the standard black waffle foam that usually lines the booth.

Working in the closet, allows me to do the job that I love, while also balancing motherhood, wifedom, and an extensive hat collection.

I hope you’ll peek into “The Closet” from time to time as I share my stories… and my voice.

This is Tasia Valenza signing off… from “The Closet”.

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