“In My World’ of voice over Movie Trailers

With Lake Bell’s film, “In A World” having great success, it’s started many a conversation about the voice-over industry. “All ears” are on the voices behind the movie trailers that we’re all so familiar with, that start out with the words, “In a world…” which the late Don La Fontaine made so famous. It’s great to have a movie highlighting this fun and fascinating niche in the world of voice over acting. Lake Bell did a great job playing the unlikely heroine who competes against the big V.O. guns and succeeds where very few women have before. But the big question on female voice talents’ minds is, “Why aren’t we still not voicing more of these?” I was recently interviewed about that very issue for an article in Bloomberg Business Week, since I’m one of the few lucky women who has actually voiced a trailer that’s made it to the screen for Piranha 3D, one of last year’s summer releases. As the article mentions, there have been all kinds of answers to that question since the dawn of the movie trailer– “that a man’s voice commands attention and cuts through the clutter of explosions and car crashes“ and “deeper voices are associated with more perceived intelligence and competence” and finally, the old standby, ”It’s the way it’s always been.” Hopefully by shining a light on the fact that women are able to “cut through” and are able to sound great voicing a stereotypical action film, “In a World” will inspire the real industry to give more women the opportunity to break the glass ceiling of the movie trailer world. In the meantime, it’s wonderful that a woman wrote, directed, produced and starred in

this delightful film.

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