“Giving Great Voice (over)”… To put you to sleep…


One of my many “Passion Projects” is making guided meditations, and my latest one is a Take Ten meditation to help you sleep!

Being a female voiceover artist, I get to use my voice as a “vocal instrument,” and just like a singer  depending on how I utilize my instrument, I can garner a myriad of responses. I can engage and excite, motivate and inspire, or calm and reassure. All with the tone and timber, the projection of my voice, pacing and musicality and the intention of what “feeling” I’m trying to illicit.

However, when I’m doing voiceovers, I don’t generally want to put my clients or my audience to sleep… that’s not a read that’s in demand. But for  this “passion project” it’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Make you so relaxed and sleepy… you don’t even finish listening till the end. That would be the greatest compliment.

My last meditation called: Take Ten Meditation (which is available as well on my homepage) was for taking ten minutes anywhere, anytime (except while driving, of course)  and this one is specifically for helping you through to sleep easily and effortlessly. Insomnia is a huge issue for many people, and listening to guided meditations are a great way to help destress and quiet the monkey mind, focus on your breath and help you drift off to dreamland.

I also made this meditation,  I  love listening to guided meditations to fall asleep, but I often find I like the words a lot more than the delivery of them by the narrator. Granted, many of them are not done by professional voiceover artists and because I am a one, I am more sensitive to the tone and style.I think in order to do a really good guided meditation, the narrator is as important as the words to create the desired effect.. to relax, to breathe, to quiet the mind… and even to sleep. Hope you enjoy this meditation if it helps you get more zzz’s pass it on to a friend who might benefit from it as well.

Love your feedback , and if you have suggestions for other meditations you’d like to hear.

Here’s to always “Giving Great Voice!”