Saying Yes to life and to adventures!

I watched the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey, not that long ago and I was pleasantly surprised, not by how much I laughed,as much as I was moved by it’s message. It could be construed as just a light comedy, but for me I felt it had an inspirational message, which stayed with me way after the television had been turned off.
It’s basically about a man Carrey) whose life is very closed off,and he always says no to everything, and every experience. After attending a “transformational seminar” with the brilliant Terence Stamp as the Yes guru, commanding that Carrey says “YES” to everything, his life is transformed in some very odd, and humorous ways.
I really took that message to heart, and when I was asked recently to attend my first “Con” or Sy Fy convention down in Tampa called Asylum, for my acting and my female voice-over work, my first reaction was No… I don’t want to leave the family, I’ll miss a job..etc..and then I remembered.. I want to say “Yes” to life and new adventures, so I called back and said “Yes”.
I ended up having a great time, and I’m so glad I didn’t no myself out of that new and wonderful experience.
So here’s Mark Twain’s quote which pays homage to the idea of saying yes more and regretting less later.

Hope you enjoy.

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