Voiceover Acting

Four Ways to Ace Your Voiceover Acting

Bad audio can ruin a good video and a bad narration may squeeze out the last ounce of patience in your audience that they may never desire to come back to hear you.

Such a heavy cost to pay for ill prepared voice over!!!

Your voice is something that’s unique of you. After all it’s your signature, your imprint in this universe. One can find a face that’s similar to you, but what your voice evokes someone else may not and cannot. So, caress what your throat your tongue produces.

Well, if you have already a video creation career or you are in the middle of your voice over acting career that’s dwindling in fame just because of your less practice and less than perfect skill, then you are fortunate enough to come across this website. We will roll out wise insights in voice over acting industry for you. Here, you will come to know what you need to do to ace your voice over skills.

One truth that must be deep ingrained in your mind and soul is: No voice is bad, it’s just the queer mix of vibrations, some light some deep coming from your throat; you just need to find out the right pitch to boom the sound you posses! Got that?

So, let’s introduce you to few tips how you can perfect yourself in voice over:-

Explore Your Voice

If you see much of mass media, you must have noticed by now, that the old time famous ‘Mr. Announcer Voice’ has hit down the road. The perfect articulation, big bass voice that commands attention showing authority is nowhere there. In its place is now a voice, irrespective of gender that’s more conversational, light and casual. So, now you have the cue! You don’t need to supercharge or polish your voice to carve up the perfect recording. Speak clearly and decide where your voice deems the character that’s fitting in the regarded narration, and you are good to go!

A Slight Differentiation – Unusual and Larger than Life

Voice over is a lot different from your normal speaking in daily life, as voice over is perfection and the perfect delivery of dialogue that’s not evident in normal talks. You must find balance between natural speech and right enunciation to get started. Record your own voice, listen to it and make note of slurred phrases or indistinct syllables. Easy to correct with some practice! Isn’t it?

Get Familiar with the Material

Remember to pre-read the material several times before you start the recording. Reading a script for a 1 minute commercial and a half an hour reading for a training video- you see the difference? You would help yourself to get acquaint with pacing! You can add some emotion and excitement in your delivery. There is nothing better than getting real yet perfect with your expression through voice.

Latest Technology and Right Gear

To achieve the best, acquire the best equipment for recording your voice over. There are n number of equipments and latest technology devices that will provide you the necessary no-external-sound feature and the very best audio quality. Go, grasp them!

Necessary Inflection

The most common challenge that voice over actor and voice over actresses face in their voice over acting career is – Vocal Inflection. Most first time or vocal artists who are starters tend to end all of their sentences with a rising tone as if interrogatory. But as you practice more, you must eliminate that tendency. Put an end to your non-questioning sentences in a more neutral tone.

The above mentioned tips are just skimming over the surface. There is a lot more to voice acting career than what meets the eye.

Never forget that your audience can hear your smile through your audio. It’s natural, if you love your voice acting job, you’d deliver the voice with a fond emotion. Remember, people out there can feel your love and so, why not smile and gush at the words, here and there, after all you will be spreading the joy and perfecting your voice acting skills all the more.