Ten Minute Meditation

Ten Minute Meditation: Know the Bliss of Silence

There is bliss; there is deep seated peace; and there is unbounded joy in silence. When you have tuned out of everything happening outside of you; when you are acutely aware of you, your thoughts, you each incoming and outgoing breaths; when you know the silent ripples of thought brimming in your mind scape, that’s when you have entered the blissful zone of “Meditation.”

No matter you do these ten minutes mediation early in morning or in evening, or even while stranded amidst traffic, you will always be going to reap benefits from it. Let’s get you through just the few initial advantages you can have from daily meditation:-

Eliminating Stress

Meditation is well known for reducing the stress level, finally eliminating the stress relating syndrome one day. The practice of meditation provides you with the “down time” to rest physically, emotionally and mentally. Scientific studies have shown that even the 10-minutes meditation impacts your nervous system. It reduces the brain’s production of stress inducing chemicals like cortisol. While you meditate, the intensity of alpha/theta and delta brainwaves increases while heart palpitations, respiratory rate and blood pressure decreases and this provides ultimate relaxation.

Pain Reduction

In a study published by the Journal of Behavioural Medicine, the research proves that the patients suffering from chronic pain such as backache, severe migraine and painful headache were relieved a lot by practicing meditation daily for short duration. Many patients were even able to avoid their pain medication altogether. So powerful is the effect of daily meditation!!!

Lowering Anxiety Levels

As mediation increases self awareness and so, it makes you aware of your inner patterns like behavioural, thinking, habits etc. Many scientific studies related to cancer patients have shown that aggravated patients who did meditation on daily basis were significantly very less depressed and showed no symptoms of anxiety.

Curing Cardiovascular Diseases

Daily meditation practices also have good effect on people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Meditation done regularly considerably decreases the risk of a heart attack and also the risk of stroke.

Treating Insomnia

Start your day with few minutes of meditation and end your day with same. After dutifully following this pattern, you will notice that you do sleep soundly, easily and wake up feeling deep rested. No nightmares!!!

What’s more? A short ten minutes meditation freshens up your mind, your mood and readies you for the entire day. You can also schedule them in between your day when you get too trussed up in work or get caught in strain.

Meditation draws you deep inside yourself; it connects you more with life. Your consciousness expands and so does your conscience! It brings you closer to the realization of God…