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Business Week Article on Women Voicing Trailers

In a World Where Women Never Narrate Movie Previews By Mickey Rapkin August 23, 2013 Photograph by Seamus Tierney/Roadside Attractions via Everett CollectionLake Bell Sitting in a darkened movie theater this summer, you may have wondered: Why are movie trailers always voiced by men? Or, more specifically, men with ocean-deep voices proclaiming “In a world…” […]

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BBC News – Women in Trailers

Tasia is featured in this BBC report on a small group of female voiceover artists who are starting to find work on trailers.

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Starwars.com interview: Voicing Shaak Ti

Tasia answers a few questions about her role as Shaak Ti, and what qualities she was able to bring to her character.

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Soap Opera Weekly All My Children Interview

Tasia reminisces about her time on All My Children in this interview with Soap Opera Weekly.

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