What is “Giving Great Voice?”

Audio for your listening pleasure! Technology has been a great asset in expanding our communication. These days, we can communicate via text, email, Facebook, Tweet, and Snapchat, and much of the new norm is to “reach out” with these new virtual  forms. But I believe with all my heart that using our voice is still […]

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“Giving Great Voice (over)”… To put you to sleep…

One of my many “Passion Projects” is making guided meditations, and my latest one is a Take Ten meditation to help you sleep! Being a female voiceover artist, I get to use my voice as a “vocal instrument,” and just like a singer  depending on how I utilize my instrument, I can garner a myriad of […]

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“Playing Poison Ivy”

  I’ve added an audio version as well, for your listening pleasure! The best part of being a “recovering actress” and female voiceover artist is that I still continue to act through the very cool animated characters I’ve been lucky enough to give life to. One of my favorites, has been the Femme Fatale Poison Ivy, who […]

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Using our “Voices for Good”!

I often share about using my “voice for good” which means, besides being a female voiceover artist for hire, I love helping charities and projects I’m passionate about, by donating my voice. It gives me the chance to take my passion for “Giving Great Voice” and combine that with the ability to inspire and share […]

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TO BE… OR NOT TO BE… “Too Good” at Voiceovers

I was up for a really cool television spot this week… which I didn’t book. After being “in the business” for a long…long time…I know that’s par for the course. It sometimes happens that I’m down to the wire on a TV or radio spot, along with a few female voiceover artists, who are presented to the […]

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Voice over gigs “On the Go!”

I just got back from a wonderful family vacation for Thanksgiving. We traveled up the coast to charming towns like, Santa Barbara and Solvang, at tourist town known for it’s Danish heritage. Being a female Voice artist, I’m always a little nervous about traveling, due to the fact that some of my jobs, are  last minute, […]

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“Putting your Best Voice Forward!”

Audio version for your listening pleasure!   I’ve been an actress and a voiceover actor for over thirty years now (yikes!) and I have loved using my voice for all of my roles.From playing a Vulcan on Star Trek to being a Jedi Warrior on Star Wars: The CloneWars, and everything in between, I have had […]

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“Diva in a closet” interview with Tracy Pattin

A few years back, My dear friend Tracy Pattin came “into my closet” to interview me and we had a blast talking about all things voiceover and what it’s like to be a female voiceover artist who works in a closet amongst other things. That’s an interview you can see on my youtube page. One […]

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Taking Ten mindful minutes to tune out the world, and tune into yourself

My newest Meditation For Helping you sleep!   My Take Ten Meditation for relaxing and rejuvenation     My Take Ten Meditation to help you relax and rejuvenate! They say “We teach what we need to learn”  For me that has always been true. I was introduced to meditation by my mother who did Transcendental […]

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Check out my “Go into the Story” Interview with Scott Myers

Had the privilege of being interviewed by the wonderful screenwriting guru Scott Myers about how I started in acting and the voice over business. Check out this three part series.

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