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Tasia Valenza is a top rated Female voiceover Artist.

I Love what I do and I do" what I love has always been one of my favorite quotes. I feel very blessed to call myself one of the top female voiceover artist in the country.(She said modestly) I believe in giving my clients "Great Voice" and to exceed your expectations! I'm a story teller that loves to tell my own stories and yours.Coming from and acting background,helps me to not just read the words but to give it meaning by understanding your message and sharing it the way you intended it to be shared.
In addition to the commercials,narration, promos,imaging and political spots I do,I'm most known for my iconic animated characters in video games and animated television shows such as Poson Ivy in Batman:The Arkham series as well as General Shaak Ti in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Kalyio Djannis in Star Wars the Old Republic and most recently Avra Darkos in Wild Star. I also love to give back and have made Take Ten with Tasia Guided meditations for downloads because everyone needs to "Take Ten." Feel free to download one or both.
You can contact me directly here or via my agents.Please feel free to watch my demos so you can see which style is right for your brand and I look forward to working with you! Read More . . .

Video Demos

Video is the new audio! I’ve complied video demos as well as audio to show my acting background as well as the animated projects I’ve been in. Enjoy!


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